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Dear Summer #13

Letters to my granddaughter

Note: On February 15, 2018 I committed to write every day to my 10 year-old granddaughter, Summer, who lives with my wife Carla (Goggy) and me (Geep). The compilation will comprise The 365 Days of Summer, designed to be her Valentine’s Day present for 2019. She will not read these letters until she is given the book. Don’t tell her!

March 21, 2018

Easter’s coming soon, must be spring, right? I don’t know if you’ve heard any Easter jokes. Over the years I’ve heard many, and most of them are disrespectful of Christ. I assume those who told the jokes intended no disrespect, or maybe they think everything is a fair target for humor. Personally, I avoid humor that makes fun of Christ or holy things, it just makes me uncomfortable. I also will not take part in humor that denigrates other religious views, is insulting or filthy. On the other hand, I am a man, and I enjoy the occasional crude joke, but I won’t allow such to become commonplace in my lexicon. (Get your dictionary!) Just as Christmas has morphed into a secular observation with roots in religious history, so has Easter become a reason for various celebrations, parties, gifts and traditions. I’m pretty sure that hard-boiled or plastic eggs had no part in the origins of Easter. I’m also fairly certain that chocolate eggs are not connected to a bunny who wears clothes from Target. Once again it behooves those of us who respect the true significance of Easter to teach our children, friends and others of the great promise of Easter. Example is always the most effective method of teaching, so we begin by honoring Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection through pure living, to the best of our abilities. Honor and majesty are the gifts Christ revealed on the third day after he gave up His life. He taught us about resurrection long before it actually took place through prophetic revelations and we have records of witnesses who both saw and touched Him after He emerged from the tomb. This is one of the greatest events in history. I’ll consider eating a bunny on Easter and a chocolate egg if it’s good quality, but I choose to honor Christ. You honor Him daily with your sweet disposition, kindness to others, and love for all. Remember that He lives. Not only did He suffer and die for all mankind, the message of Easter is that He lives. Love, Geep.

LaMar Going is a writer living in Solana Beach, CA, with his wife Carla and Summer, who actually makes all the major decisions. There is a sizeable duffel in the coat closet, stuffed with Happy. Drop in if you’d like some. Thanks for reading.

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